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WOrldly wandering

'Worldly Wandering' is an exclusive globe created for the campaign Earth One. by ART/ Acryclicize.


Collage and acrylic

Height 340 mm (including stand), length 260 mm and depth 260 mm.

"With my globe design, I wanted to showcase the many varied places we humans call homes, and their colourful residents. While the separate houses take up the background, we first see happy characters skipping the same path. As you spin the globe, the figures appear to walk together, circling back round to meet one another regardless of what little hill their house lies on. "

Every artwork sold in this collection will go towards supporting the World Land Trust and their Buy an Acre campaign. All net proceeds of sales made via this campaign will be shared equally 50/50 between the artist and the World Land Trust, to ensure a safe future for wildlife, in a real, measurable and tangible way.

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