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Holidays - A Photo Essay

Hello dearest darling reader!

I thought this month I’d do a little photo-essay, showing you some of the things I've seen and drawn in the last couple of weeks while on holiday. I took the time off social media, just having fun with drawing in a low pressure way, so there’s a lot of variation, quality-wise - forgive the weak links!

London St Pancras > Paris Gare du Lyon > Aix-en-Provence

The train is easily my favourite transport mode and the 6 hours in transit were occupied nicely with drawing, this book, and lots of window gazing.

(side note- is it super tragic to have a favourite transport? I'm fun in other ways, I promise..)

Here are some clips of me drawing in a square once we arrived, in real time...

I wrote about how I draw on location last month, if you’d like more info about materials or process!

Aix Cathedral...

A special shoutout to the above statue, with her oddly positioned, golf ball breast and tiny face on a large head, I love it.

Keeping cool, outdoors...

and indoors (firmly closed shutters)

I am the product of a capitalist society, so find shopping a grand source of endorphins both on holiday and at home. I particularly loved Aix's soap shops, my old favourite Des Petits Hauts, and another shop which I will not be name-checking as the staff were rude as hell.

Aix is famous for its fountains, some of which I doodled from shadows at the sides of squares. I’m still not sure exactly what they’re there for - I think it’s largely just decoration. There were also some lovely shopfronts.

panoramic double pages - a fun genre

Another icon - the little figure on floor stickers in Paris. Great topknot. 10/10

And then the journey home...

A final little thought- I know that lots of these images are not good, perhaps even very rubbish. But I have posted them here anyway, in the interest of transparency, and to challenge my perfectionism. Hooray to making bad work, hooray to process over outcome!

As always, let me know if you enjoyed this post by leaving a like and comment here, and on my instagram!

Unless otherwise stated, all images are (c) Gracie Dahl. Please do not re-share or reuse without permission.

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