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...and welcome to my new blog! Let’s pretend blogging hasn’t been in steady decline since 2013. (I'm nothing if not topical!)

Howdy! I’m Gracie. If there’s anyone at all reading, you likely already know me, but in brief summary: I’m a 23 year old illustrator, raised and still residing in South London, UK. I graduated from a BA in Illustration in 2021, having enjoyed a two years of covid-related joy. Since then, I’ve worked on a variety of projects, some of which are yet to see the light of day; those that have normally get pasted up on my instagram @graciedahl. I love making things a whole bunch and have decided to write about them here!

The main reason for this blog is because I’ve had multiple messages in recent months asking me about my ‘creative process’. While this feels surreal, as I don’t know that I really have one sorted yet, I’m going to write a bit, monthly, to appease those curious folks!

Things I plan to cover:

  • How and where I research

  • Materials I enjoy

  • Talking through specific projects, from idea to fruition

  • Freelancing trials and tribulations

  • Working across different mediums

Thank you for being here, and fingers crossed I keep it up!

p.s. This may or may not be my first blog - the original has been firmly removed from the public sphere, don’t go looking for it! This one will contain significantly less Benedict Cumberbatch content!

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